Welcome to Florida Foreclosure Solutions, where we help get you paid fast for your short sale. We help home owners in financial hardship by purchasing their distressed property quickly and negotiating with their lender to get them PAID with no cost whatsoever to the homeowner.

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Florida Foreclosure Solutions are cash investors who specialize in helping homeowners avoid a foreclosure by facilitating short sales. With the mounting housing crisis and economic meltdown, a demand for quality and experienced short sale experts surfaced several years ago. Our organization was founded out of Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2010. Florida Foreclosure Solutions has since helped  homeowners in hardship get money for their short sale that they would have never received, up to $35,000.

In these difficult times, many homeowners have found themselves in a financial hardship and in a position where they are forced to sell their home. In some areas of the country, more than one out of four mortgage loans are delinquent. Nationwide, greater than 40% of all home owners who have a mortgage on their home would be forced to bring money to closing if they had to sell their property. If this is you, you are not alone, and there is assistance available at no cost. Our goal is to be a true resource and guide to you in your greatest time of need, and help insure that you get the right help needed to gain true financial freedom and peace of mind. A short sale is typically the best alternative to a foreclosure for a homeowner in hardship. In a short sale, a distressed homeowner would seek the approval of their lender to sell their home below the mortgage amounts in order to avoid foreclosure.

A short sale is better handled with the assistance of a short sale specialist. Below you will be able to acquire very valuable information about short sales, you may also contact us for further explanation, and to see if you may qualify for a short sale!
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